Digital formats

App for iphone

We are releasing this app for free for a limited period. Make use of this great introductory offer and tell all your friends (maybe via Facebook).

Help us to get this great resource onto as many iphones as possible. Many people will download free apps just because they are free, giving us a tremendous opportunity to allow the word of God, in such an easy to read and understand format, to impact the lives of many who may never have looked at a bible before.

The app for iphone has been built for us by The Word to Go who also have other iphone bible apps available in the App store.

For more details visit the App store or

Other formats

The Truth New Testament and The Truth For Today are available to purchase as a digital download from Amazon Kindle. You can download software free of charge for your Windows PC or for your Mac, as well as a number of different apps for mobile devices including iPhone, Blackberry, Android and iPad. Or if you do own a Kindle book reader, simply navigate to the shop and download it straight to your Kindle!

If you have any other questions about Kindle or the software available, please click here to visit their website

Avilable on the App Store